Pergolas, conservatory shading

Pergolas and conservatories extend the living space of a home out into the garden. You can choose between practically maintenance-free aluminium pergolas or state-of-the-art bioclimatic pergolas. Outdoor screens are suitable for shading conservatories. Pergolas and conservatory shading are made to measure by Climax with a 4-year warranty. They will protect you against the sun, rain, blazing hot terraces and overheating of indoor areas.

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Pergolas are an elegant and practical accessory for family homes or restaurant terraces. Climax makes quality aluminium pergolas to measure that are maintenance-free. Pergolas differ from awnings by their construction and function. They are more stable and protect not only against the sun but also the rain. The roofs of pergolas comprise of aluminium slats that you can tilt or a strong waterproof shading fabric. Our best product in the pergola category is the bioclimatic pergola Espacio.

Conservatory shading

Conservatories and glass canopies often form part of family homes. Particularly over summer, however, conservatories become uninhabitable. Conservatory shading from Climax prevents the interior from overheating and helps to create a pleasant environment. It is also suitable for shading prepared structures at restaurant and café gardens.


Why purchase pergolas and conservatory shading?


Pergolas and shading for conservatories from Climax greatly increase the functionality and appearance of a home. Pergolas do not allow the sun´s rays to enter, they protect against the rain and make the time you spend on the terrace more pleasant all year round. Gardena outdoor screens for shading conservatories primarily prevent the overheating of the interior. The extension of pergola roofs and awnings for conservatories is in most cases controlled electrically. Select from a wide selection of colours, patterns and fabric types.

Pergolas, conservatory shading









The bioclimatic aluminium pergola Espacio combines in its essence both luxury and functionality. It intelligently works together with nature to ensure high comfort with low power consumption. It is ideal for all those than demand only the best. It works flawlessly in any weather and in every season. It is installed on terraces of family homes, atriums, verandahs or restaurant gardens.


The Med Twist is a stylish outdoor pergola that provides outstanding protection against the heat and rain. The roof consists of individual slats that can be tilted at an angle from 0 to 135 degrees. When the roof is closed shut, not a single drop of water will get through. Thanks to several accessories, you can create your second home in the garden underneath this pergola.


The luxurious pergola Med Varia will inspire you not only by its meticulous design but also its functionality. Its roof comprises of tilting slats to provide natural air circulation and sunlight, or it enables complete shade. As the only pergola, it already has integrated vertical screens integrated on its sides. These will stop unpleasant wind and the neighbours´ gazes. The Med Varia will become the centrepiece of every modern home or stylish restaurant.



The Med Joy is a bioclimatic pergola with a subtle construction. We offer it in the ISLAND version – free-standing, FRONTAL – anchored to the wall where the slats are parallel to the wall, LATERAL – anchored to the wall where the slats are perpendicular to the wall, and also WALL version – roof construction without support columns (posts). The roof consists of slats that can be tilted and thus offers a natural flow of air and sunligt, or complete shading.



The pergola Vitalia enables one to savour the relaxing atmosphere of their terrace under all weather conditions. It belongs amongst the pergolas that are designated as "anti-rain". The roof of the pergola with an incline of 7 degrees ensures that all water flows off the cover. Vitalia is well suited to both family homes as well as shading restaurant gardens.


If you are looking for suitable shading for your conservatory then Gardena 350 is the ideal solution. It will find its place not only with family homes, but also provide shade to restaurant and café gardens. The standard colour of the construction is white, silver or structured anthracite. The shading can be supplemented with automatic sensors linked to motor drives that function automatically based on the current weather.


The conservatory shading Gardena 250 is anchored to the underside of pergola or conservatory structures. It prevents the sun´s rays from passing into the area. There are more than 150 colours and fabric types to choose from, ranging from single-colour to multi-colour to an array of patterns. All the fabrics are colourfast have been impregnated.


The advantage of the stand-alone pergola Kubus is the ability to arbitrarily tilt the fabric depending on the sun´s elevation. Its elegant design creates a stylish garden accessory. You can supplement the pergola with a system of drip-mouldings that drain water away when it is raining. The fabric resists moisture and moulds but does not provide protection against heavy rain.


At first glance, the pergola Med 100 provides a simple yet effective shading solution for terraces and conservatories. It does not have support posts and is installed on already complete load bearing structures. The screen comes with a waterproof cover from PVC fabric. It thus provides protection both against the sun as well as the rain. For correct water drainage, the pergola must have a minimum incline of 8 to 19 % depending on the extension.


Designer pergola Med Quadra R is clearly recognisable by its distinct right-angled shapes. The front, load bearing part, needs to be anchored to the floor. The aluminium poles include an integrated drain pipe. Connecting several Med Quadra R pergolas together enables the shading of large terraces and verandahs.


With the pergola Med Luce, you will create an outdoor experience under the open skies. To protect yourself and your guests against rain, simply pull out the fabric roof cover. Water flows from the trough through the side covers to the ground. Joining together several modules enables the shading of even large restaurant terraces. In this way it creates a pleasant shade during hot summer days.


The high quality pergola Med Viva comprises of varnished aluminium beams. Its highly engineered construction includes an integrated water drainage system in the pergola´s support columns. To ensure proper rain water drainage from the cover sheet, the pergola must have a minimum incline of 8 to 19 %. The Med Viva is ideally suited for restaurants, cafés and bars.


The noble appearance of the pergola Nobleza in no way detracts from its functionality. Its all-aluminium construction is practically maintenance-free and is exemplified by its long lifetime. The roof of the pergola is made from a very high quality inflammable waterproof fabric. Nobleza is the ideal shading solution for large restaurant gardens.


The designer pergola Plano consists of high quality varnished aluminium beams. Thanks to a 7-degree roof incline, no water will remain on the cover. A gutter can be added to its front part. The pergola Plano is ideal for shading the terraces of hotels, bars and even commercial buildings .


The luxurious pergola Placido is always made to measure. The entire construction is made in the highest quality and will last a lifetime. The roof is made from quality inflammable and waterproof covers. There is no need to fear the sun or rain under this pergola. It is not only you, who is protected, but also your outdoor furniture and terrace floor.


The modern pergola Tensado serves to shade garden terraces, conservatories as well as swimming pools. The waterproof cover protects against the rain and it is unperturbed by the moisture generated by pools or conservatories. Thanks to its sliding roof, it creates the necessary pleasant climate underneath.


The shading Gardena 200 is the ideal solution for shading conservatories. The screen will protect you against unpleasant sun rays and overheating of the conservatory. Thanks to this, you will enjoy a more pleasant temperature in the room of your house or apartment that is adjacent to the conservatory.


The conservatory shading Gardena 500 has one big advantage over the others. The specially bent construction enables the shading of the angled sections as well as the vertical part of the conservatory with a single awning. The fabric with UV filter can be retracted into a closed cassette that protects it against damage. Another advantage is also the convenient electrical remote control, thanks to which you do not need to exit the house.


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